Sustained expansion of the Australian economy and increased retirement has resulted in a significant shortage of qualified workers needed to fill thousands of jobs in Australia.

According to Australian Jobs 2015, which was published by Australia’s government, 17 out of 19 key Aussie business sectors are forecast to create new jobs in Australia between 2015 and 2019, with half of these Aussie jobs being produced in four major industries.

The Healthcare and Social Assistance sector is predicted to produce the largest number of new jobs in Australia (258,000) in the 2015-2019 timeframe, followed by Education and Training (142,700), the Construction industry (137,900), and the Professional, Scientific and Technical sector (136,600).

Since there is an increasing demand for skilled workers, but a short supply of qualified people to fill many jobs in Australia, the economic “Law of Supply and Demand” is helping Aussie salaries to soar.

For example, the median annual salary (half-way between the highest and lowest) for a full-time worker in Australia as of 2015 was around $80,000 AUD.

Consequently, now is a good time for skilled foreign workers to apply for Australian immigration.

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