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Sustained expansion of the Australian economy and increased retirement has resulted in a significant shortage of qualified workers needed to fill thousands of jobs in Australia. Therefore, it is always a good time for skilled foreign workers to apply for Australian immigration.

Australian companies are looking for engineers, mechanics, medical staff and carers, marketing specialists and wide array of other professionals. Reach out to the appropriate employers and recruitment firms and specialists.

In order to help you maximize your immigration potential by finding qualifying skilled employment in Australia, we collaborate with a successful talent agency in Australia to offer you personalized job search assistance.

This is a valuable service that can greatly benefit you and your family, since the firm has the experience and extensive connections in Australia that can facilitate finding suitable employment there and increase your likelihood of being offered a job in the country.

In many cases, a genuine Australian job offer will be required in order to move forward with the Australian immigration process. Once you secure a genuine offer of qualifying employment in Australia, you can next benefit from the expertise of our MARA-registered Australian Migration Agent that we work with, who can guide you confidently through the visa application procedure

The cutting-edge Australian job search talent agency that we collaborate with can provide you with the following benefits:

  • Employment Assessment (Assessment of your skills/abilities to create an action plan tailored for the Australian job market)
  • CV overhaul (The first impression is what counts in the Australian job market)
  • Linkedin profile update (Professional guidance to maximize your chances and network in the Australian marketplace)
  • Skype interview preparation (Coaching towards a high-level performance at Australian job interviews)
  • Job Search Support (intensive support and guidance along with assistance to develop vital employer connections by helping you to navigate the job market in Australia and teach you the job application process).

If you would like to live and work in Australia and want to find out if you are likely to meet the eligibility requirements for the Australian Job Search Assistance, click here!

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